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ERIKSSON Surname Meaning and Origin

Eriksson  is a patronymic surname meaning son of Erik, or Eriks son. Eriksson is the fifth most common surname in Sweden, behind Johansson, Andersson, Karlsson, and Nilsson. Swedish patronymic son names traditionally end in -son,  not -sen.  In Denmark the regular patronymic is -sen.  In Norway, both are used, although -sen  is more common. Icelandic names traditionally end in -son  or -dotir. Thus, Eriksen or Erikssen is the most common Danish, Norwegian, Dutch and German spelling, while Erikson or Ericson is the most common spelling found in the United States. Surname Origin:  Swedish, Danish, Norwegian,  English, German Alternate Surname Spellings:  ERICSSON, ERIKSON, ERIKSSEN, ERICSSEN, ERIKSEN, ERICSEN   Fun Facts About the ERIKSSON Surname Many Danes, Norwegians and Swedes who emigrated to America with the last name Eriksson or Erikssen, dropped the extra-s  after their arrival.   Famous People with the Surname ERIKSSON Leif Ericsson - Scandanavian explorerErik Erikson - German psychologist Genealogy Resources for the Surname ERIKSSON Erikson DNA PortalLearn how to best approach DNA testing when you have a Scandinavian  patronymic surname such as Eriksson. Eriksson Family Crest - Its Not What You ThinkContrary to what you may hear, there is no such thing as an Eriksson  family crest or coat of arms for the Eriksson surname.  Coats of arms are granted to individuals, not families, and may rightfully be used only by the uninterrupted male line descendants of the person to whom the coat of arms was originally granted.   Eriksson Family Genealogy ForumSearch this popular genealogy forum for the Ericson surname to find others who might be researching your ancestors, or post your own Ericson query.   FamilySearch - ERIKSSON  GenealogyExplore over 3.7  million  historical records which mention individuals with the Eriksson surname, as well as online Eriksson family trees on this free website hosted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. GeneaNet - Eriksson  RecordsGeneaNet includes archival records, family trees, and other resources for individuals with the Eriksson  surname, with a concentration on records and families from France and other European countries. ERIKSSON  Surname Family Mailing ListsRootsWeb hosts several free mailing lists for researchers of the Eriksson surname. - ERIKSSON Genealogy Family HistoryFree databases and genealogy links for the last name Eriksson. The Eriksson  Genealogy and Family Tree PageBrowse family trees and links to genealogical and historical records for individuals with the last name Eriksson  from the website of Genealogy Today. ----------------------- References: Surname Meanings Origins Cottle, Basil.  Penguin Dictionary of Surnames. Baltimore, MD: Penguin Books, 1967. Dorward, David.  Scottish Surnames. Collins Celtic (Pocket edition), 1998. Fucilla, Joseph.  Our Italian Surnames. Genealogical Publishing Company, 2003. Hanks, Patrick and Flavia Hodges.  A Dictionary of Surnames. Oxford University Press, 1989. Hanks, Patrick.  Dictionary of American Family Names. Oxford University Press, 2003. Reaney, P.H.  A Dictionary of English Surnames. Oxford University Press, 1997. Smith, Elsdon C.  American Surnames. Genealogical Publishing Company, 1997. Back toGlossary of Surname Meanings Origins

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Pocahontas Movie Analysis - 760 Words

For this essay, I am using the movie called Pocahontas that was produced in 1995. This movie is about a Native American girl named Pocahontas and another main character, John Smith, who came to the new world with some other sailors and soldiers. Pocahontas father, chief Powhatan, does not like the idea John and Pocahontas relationship and wants her to marry Kocoum, who everyone likes. Once that ship landed near their village Pocahontas life changes. Another Character, Governor Ratcliffe thinks the Native Americans, who he also calls â€Å"savages†, believes that they are hiding gold and the chief believes that these English sailors and soldiers just came to destroy their land. This movie misrepresents Native Americans by using racial, sexist,†¦show more content†¦The theme of trust is made known in the music lyrics. â€Å"All those that are like you deserve trust but those that are different from you should be rejected.† That phrase seems to support the discrim ination of people. The fact that the Native Americans in this movie sing the song seems confusing. But although both the Native Americans and British are referring to each other’s as â€Å"savages,† the British have depicted the Native Americans much more. The lyrics in the song really show a very strong negative depiction towards the Native Americans. Both the Native American females and males are being gender stereotyped in this movie. Being that Pocahontas was really just eleven years old in real life and then being portrayed in the movie as this older, beautiful woman with long black shiny hair and wears a short dress which reveals a lot of her body skin. Her outfit wasn’t the fashion of the Native Americans were known for in the seventeenth centuries. What Pocahontas was wearing would have been sexist in that time. With Pocahontas image being depicted like that and girls who watch this movie will think that this stereotypical image is the image that they sh ould acquire. The Native American males are also being stereotyped in this movie. The men are portrayed as the protectors, hunters, and the pride of the Native tribe. There is another scene in the movie where theyShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Movie Pocahontas 1643 Words   |  7 PagesPocahontas was a film released in 1995 by Walt Disney Pictures. The purpose of the film was to create a historical fictional story based on the John Smith’s efforts to establish a colony in the area that is now known as Jamestown, Virginia. In the film, Pocahontas is the daughter of her village’s chief, and she is at first afraid to learn of the arrival of the English explorers. However, after meeting John Smith after a chance encounter, the two recognize that their societies can coexist and thatRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie Pocahontas 1127 Words   |  5 PagesIf anyone has heard of the name John Smith, then the movie Pocahontas probably comes to mind. Those who know about the mov ie are familiar with the fact that he plays as the love of Pocahontas’s life. In reality, that was not all that he was. Captain John Smith lived from January 9, 1580 to June, 1631. After a merchant’s apprenticeship, Smith was determined to live a life of combat and serve with the English Army abroad. At work as a soldier for hire, Smith ultimately embarked on a campaignRead MoreFilm Analysis Pocahontas Essay949 Words   |  4 PagesFilm Analysis: Pocahontas The animated Walt Disney movie Pocahontas is based on a true life story of a young Powhatan Indian girl named Pocahontas who falls in love with John Smith. In the making of the movie, Walt Disney, attempts to relate to the early 17th Century historic event of Europeans settling in Jamestown; however, Disney did not portrait the true story. Disney rewrote the story by making it a beautifully romantic and animated love story like a Cinderella fairytale. In the Walt DisneyRead MoreProject Report1277 Words   |  6 Pagesscreening of Pocahontas on Friday and Miss Representation on Saturday, both in the Debartolo Performing Arts Center. Pocahontas was shown quite recently, so they may be unsure about showing it again, but Miss Representation has only been shown once, in 2012. It is quite simple to send in a letter to the editor at the Observer, there is a place on the website where one can submit what they have written, although the article must be to the point, with the maximum word count being 350. The movie showingsRead MoreA Narrative Of The Captivity And Restoration1562 Words   |  7 Pagesland, sparked many of the stories written that scholars still read, to this day. Many different themes are used to characterize the literature created during this time period. Based off of the well-known British captain, John Smith, â€Å"The New World† movie, and The General History of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles was created. The capturing of the Christian Englishwoman, Mary Rowlandson, produced the famous narrative, A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration. Readers of these storiesRead MoreThe Social Construction Of Race1743 Words   |  7 Pagesmaintaining racial definitions is apparent through the consistent presence of such ideas in popular films such as Disney’s Pocahontas (1995) and James Cameron’s Avatar (2009). Despite over a decade difference in release, there are similarities between the two in terms of the racial labels applied to Native Americans as a race and how they are portrayed as a result. The producers behind Pocahontas claimed that the film is much more than a love story and is about maintaining an open mind in order to appreciateRead MoreRacism in Pocahontas1552 Words   |  7 PagesRacism in Pocahontas The film Pocahontas, produced by Walt Disney films, portrays the tension between the Powhatan tribe and English settlers during the establishment of Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the New World. In examining this film using the article Ten Quick Ways to Analyze Childrens Books for Racism and Sexism, it quickly becomes apparent that although there are forms of racism as described in the article (what will be referred to as ‘traditional media racism)Read MoreThe Colonialism Of The Walt Disney Company1571 Words   |  7 Pagescountry, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically,† and Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy’s defines colonialism as, â€Å"a practice of domination, which involves the subjugation of one people to another.† My case study is the Disney movie, Moana. I am focusing on Moana because it is the most recent Disney animated film about an indigenous culture. Moana is centered in an unknown Polynesian land before Western colonization and focuses on the chief’s daughter, Moana on the island of MotuniRead MoreEssay about The Truth of Thanksgiving1644 Words   |  7 PagesAmericans. Wednesday is actually cast in the lead role of Pocahontas. In the beginning of the dinner performance, the Pilgrims give a speech regarding the Native Americans as savages and explain how they should become Pilgrims. In the end, the Native Americans do not enjoy a pleasant meal with the Pilgrims. Instead, they revolt, burning down the Pilgrims homes and torturing their families. Many aspects of this film are worthy of analysis. The dual depiction of the Addams family is worthyRead MoreUnderstanding Disney : The Manufacture Of Fantasy1441 Words   |  6 Pagesmotives behind the company. In order for Waskos to provide her readers with a deep understanding of Disney’s invisible motives behind their actions, she investigates ways in which Disney constructs society. Waskos first provides the audience with an analysis of Disney and synergy. She then focuses on how Disney promotes the idea of capitalism. Waskos supports this notion by using examples, such as, Disney theme parks, the concept of mass production and mass merchandising. In addition, Waskos outlines

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What Makes A Rapper - 887 Words

Some of the valued assets in rappers are: quality [of work] and longevity, songwriting and storytelling, impact, and perhaps the most vital asset; rhyming skills [flow, delivery, and lyricism] (cite). These qualities of what makes a rapper an efficacious one have been greatly debated since the formation of hip-hop, and ultimately rap, culture in the 1970’s (cite). Those with a passion for hip-hop and rap music can debate their top ten favorite rap artists indefinitely due to the abundance in what catalogs and qualifies a rapper as a great one. The argument for whom is the greatest or the best rapper alive, or of all time, has been, and will forever be, opinion-based. However, through statistics and precise analyzation, we can answer the age-old question of â€Å"what qualifies a rapper as ‘great’?† It is possible for any rapper in the music industry, aspiring or veteran, to create just one song that is considered to be quality work. The real talent is creating an album’s worth of quality work and continuing to produce quality albums and other musical works that will remain relevant over the years to come. Unfortunately, rap is considered now to be more of the younger generation’s profession (cite), despite hip-hop and rap veterans such as Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Big L and KRS-One, laying the foundations of rap for the newer generation of rap artists. Rappers that fail to remain significant over time eventually wither away and are virtually overlooked. In essence, a worthy rapper canShow MoreRelatedGangster Rap : Rap And Black Masculinity1588 Words   |  7 Pagesthat gangster rap represents a masculinity that rappers portray themselves as in their songs. Dating back to its origins, African Americans had always been the face of gangster rap, with such names like Tupac , Biggie, Jay-Z, DMX, and much more, as covers of rap magazines. Gangster rap had always been seen as what people interpret it to be and that is a raw rhythmic and explicit version of poetry in motion, but gangster rap depicts more than what people interpret it to be. Gangster rap depictsRead MoreRap Music And Its Influence On Society1209 Words   |  5 Pagesexample of this occurrence would be the lower class of America’s use of rap music. Rap music started out as a fun variation of disco with the purpose to make people dance and enjoy themselves, but it later transformed into one of the best outlets to express the struggles of poverty in the United States. The genre gained popularity when the song â€Å"Rapper s Delight† hit the charts in the early eighties; rap evolved into a plethora of different styles from there, Gangster Rap formed with NWA in the lateRead MoreRap Music Is Not The Only Type Of American Music Associated With Sex And Violence1508 Words   |  7 Pagespeople at the top, uplifted an entire American generation on sex and violence in other types of music. Now they are doing the same with rap music (Roberts, 1994). Rappers have thus been forced to abandon the stated goal of their humble beginning to conform to the marketable aspects of their crafts. (Rebollo-Gil Moras, 2012). Rappers have adopted all elements of hip-hop as a part of their daily practices claiming that hip-hop artists influence music, fashion, and speech. The portrayal of black menRead MoreEssay on Power of perceptiom1263 Words   |  6 Pagesinherent to that character. Although we do not always recognize archetypes and their role in today’s society, they still exist, and their presence is stronger than ever. However because of the reoccurring use, when we do recognize them we are able to make out their characteristics and set them apart (i.e. Villains usually display undesirable qualities such as scary, ugly cunning and deceiving, manipulative) Archetypes are very significant because even the average human can interact and find some similaritiesRead MoreArgumentative Essay On Hip Hop905 Words   |  4 Pagesdrastically from when it began in the 1970’s to now the 2000’s. Many rappers now just rap to entertain the listener not taking in mind what type of message they are transmitting. Unlike the rappers from now, Marco Archer, known as Phora, is positively affecting peoples lives. Phora, a twenty-three-year-old rapper writes his raps to send out a positive message to the world and gives them his story through his music. Many rappers now rap about sex, money, drugs, and crimes. On the article by PeterRead MoreThe Effects Of Rap Songs Sung By Men Speak Of Women1415 Words   |  6 Pagesdue in large part to the fact that sex sells. The unintended consequence is that female subjects featured in this kind of music are often the ones that suffer the most. Most of the rappers with the greatest influence are ignorant to this issue, however others have openly acknowledged it. Snoop Dogg, a renowned rapper, has admitted to given women a bad rap in his music by using the word bitch and saying other negative things about women (Elks, â€Å"Snoop Dogg Vows). It is easy to conclude that the majorityRead MoreHip-Hop Essay938 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Hip-Hop: A Roadblock or Pathway to Black Empowerment,† he speaks about the positive and negative effects that hip-hop has on the Black Community. Bennett goes all the way to the beginning of hip-hop, which he says took place in the early 1980s with rappers such as Run DMC, Public Enemy, Sugar Hill Gang and many others. The author then speaks about how hip-hop grew not only in the young black African American culture but also in the white youth culture as well. Finally, Bennett states that hip-hop hasRead MoreHip Hop And Rap Music1584 Words   |  7 Pagespresent time that rose to prominence in the 1980’s. The hip hop genre was born in t he African American community and has since then changed into what it is today. What most individuals don’t know is that originally rap music did not contain such explicit themes as it does now; such as misogyny, drugs, crime, and violence among others. Many people may wonder what led to the introduction of such themes into rap music and why they remained popular. Crime and violence were introduced to rap music as a wayRead MoreImpact Of Rap Music On The Music870 Words   |  4 PagesRhythm Blues and Jazz included a large portion of the components that make up rap music. Rap music turned into its own particular type of music in the 1970 s the point at which DJ s from New York, for example, DJ Lovebug, DJ Cool Herc and DJ Hollywood, started controlling, and scratching, records to make rhythms, beats, and different sounds. As this occurred the rapper would talk over the music utilizing rhymes. The rapper would utilize attention and stresses with their verses. In 1979 the Suga rRead MoreRap Music And Its Influence On Music903 Words   |  4 Pagesdifferent categories. One of the more popular genres of music is Rap. Rap music evolved overtime and become more relevant as the years go on, accordingly the culture and other parts of rap changed as well. There a various differences between what rap music is now and what it had been in the past, and it all comes with the changes of the world. Some of the bigger changes in music is the culture that comes with the music, the lyrics of the songs as well as the reason for making the music. When people used

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From the beginning of a child’s life, he/she holds the key...

From the beginning of a child’s life, he/she holds the key to their own destiny. However, this is no longer the case when child sexual abuse is brought in as a factor. In surveys conducted, it was indicated that six percent to sixty-two percent of women and two percent to fifteen percent of men have been victims of sexual abuse as a child (Finkelhor 79). That was not their choice. Abuse is the result of force - not from a person’s willingness to fulfill an act. Victims also have to cope with the aftereffects brought onto them by their attackers. These decisions they had no choice over, but they ultimately set the basis for the rest of their lives. This is because adult survivors of sexual abuse generally have consequences created by†¦show more content†¦When children withdraw from the people surrounding them, they do it to avoid any threat of interpersonal relationships (Connelly 42). This eventually leads those to become seriously depressed resulting in many other consequences of violence (Connelly 42). Adding to the list of drugs, depression, and withdrawal is trauma. Both genders, male and female, suffer from this, but trauma is seen more dominantly in the female population. Studies have shown that women sexually abused as children have rates of mental health impairment almost twice as high as women not abused (Finkelhor 79). As said by Elizabeth Connelly, these health impairments include post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociative identity disorder, mood disorders, antisocial personality disorder, and anxiety disorder (39). As a result, sexual abuse may begin as a physical act, but ultimately affects a child mentally. On the other hand, when a child is sexually abused their mental impairments lead them to develop misinterpretations of sex. This causes the child to explore experiences far before a non-abused child would. In a study taken, it was reported that child abuse victims are at a higher risk of prostitution and th erefore at a higher risk of being arrested for sex crimes and/or prostitution (Campbell et. al). This evidence displays that victims tend to look for sexually oriented acts after their victimization. Along the same lines,Show MoreRelatedLaw and Ethics2275 Words   |  10 Pages1985:32) However, in recent years this definition of consent has been deemed inadequate. Consent may be regarded as invalid if the consenting individual does not know what they are consenting to. It is for this reason that the adjective ‘informed’ has been used to clarify it’s meaning (Tschudin 1989). Faulder (1985) states that the medical profession is divided as to the exact meaning and purpose of informed consent. This is particularly true in the field of midwifery and obstetrics where this hasRead MoreJean Piaget Cognitive Development10144 Words   |  41 Pages4. Piaget and Cognitive Development Copyright  © 2004, James Fleming, Ph.D. _______ During this [early childhood] period magic, animism, and artificialism are completely merged. The world is a society of living beings controlled and directed by man. The self and the external world are not clearly delimited. Every action is both physical and psychical. –Jean Piaget1 ________ Piaget’s Place in the History of Psychology A ranking of the most eminent psychologists of the 20th century by professionalsRead Moretheme of alienation n no where man by kamala markandeya23279 Words   |  94 Pagesï » ¿ANTIGONE KEY LITERARY ELEMENTS SETTING This tragedy is set against the background of the Oedipus legend. It illustrates how the curse on the House of Labdacus (who is the grandson of Cadmus, founder of Thebes, and the father of Laius, whose son is Oedipus) brought about the deaths of Oedipus and his wife-mother, Jocasta, as well as the double fratricide of Eteocles and Polynices. Furthermore, Antigone dies after defying King Creon. The play is set in Thebes, a powerful city-state north of Read MoreS New Zealand/Aotearoa a Classless Society?4186 Words   |  17 PagesCLASSLESS SOCIETY? DISCUSS – IF SO WHAT DEFINES THIS STRUCTURE? – IF NOT WHAT IS THE MAIN BASIS OF SOCIAL STRATIFICATION IN NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA? Due date: 13th April 2007 Student Name: Ali Rankin Student ID: 1282990 Email: ( Address: 49 Alfriston Road, Manurewa, Auckland Phone: 021 102 9454 I declare the following to be my own work, unless otherwise referenced, as defined byRead MoreKhasak14018 Words   |  57 PagesMonday, 26 October 2009 Preface This dissertation titled ART AS A RENDEZVOUS OF MYTH AND MIND: A PSYCHOANALYTIC AND MYTHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF O V VIJAYAN’S THE LEGENDS OF KHASAK explores how the judicious selection and use of literary theory can account for the universal appeal of The Legends of Khasak, a belated self translated rendering of a famous regional work in Malayalam, Khasakkinte Ithihasam authored by the eminent writer O V Vijayan, and thus assert its artistic value. Divided into fourRead MoreCritics of Novel 1984 by George Orwell14914 Words   |  60 Pagesindividuality, Winston dares to express his thoughts in a diary and pursues a relationship with Julia. These criminal deeds bring Winston into the eye of the opposition, who then must reform the nonconformist. George Orwells 1984 introduced the watchwords for life without freedom: BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU. Written by: George Orwell Type of Work: novel Genres: utopian literature; social criticism First Published: 1949 Setting: Oceania Main Characters: Winston Smith; Julia; OBrien; Big Brother/EmmanuelRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pagesupdated: April 26, 2016 Logical Reasoning Bradley H. Dowden Philosophy Department California State University Sacramento Sacramento, CA 95819 USA ii iii Preface Copyright  © 2011-14 by Bradley H. Dowden This book Logical Reasoning by Bradley H. Dowden is licensed under a Creative Commons AttributionNonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. That is, you are free to share, copy, distribute, store, and transmit all or any part of the work under the following conditions:Read MoreA Picatrix Miscellany52019 Words   |  209 PagesA PicA Trix MiscellAny Underground Edition 2007 e.v. CONTENTS On the Picatrix I. Introduction to the Picatrix (The Aim of the Sage) of al-Majriti, Maslamati ibn Ahmad II. Summary of the Contents of the Picatrix III. Excerpt from a Lecture on Alchemy by Terence McKenna On the Moon and the Lunar Mansions IV. Extracts on the Moon V. The Mansions of the Moon: â€Å"On the Creation, Proportion and Composition of the Heavens for the Fashioning of Images† VI. The Picatrix: Lunar Mansions in Western AstrologyRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pages. Organization Theory Challenges and Perspectives John McAuley, Joanne Duberley and Phil Johnson . This book is, to my knowledge, the most comprehensive and reliable guide to organisational theory currently available. What is needed is a text that will give a good idea of the breadth and complexity of this important subject, and this is precisely what McAuley, Duberley and Johnson have provided. They have done some sterling service in bringing together the very diverse strands of workRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 Pages This online teaching and learning environment integrates the entire digital textbook with the most effective instructor and student resources With WileyPLUS: Students achieve concept mastery in a rich, structured environment that’s available 24/7 Instructors personalize and manage their course more effectively with assessment, assignments, grade tracking, and more manage time better study smarter save money From multiple study paths, to self-assessment, to a wealth of interactive visual

Strategic Management Process Paper Mgt 498 Free Essays

Strategic Management Process Paper MGT 498 January 24, 2013 The long-term performance of a corporation is mostly reliant on managerial decisions and actions, which include internal and external environmental scanning, strategic formulation and implementation, evaluation, and control. All of these characteristics are relatable to the concept of strategic management, which emphasizes â€Å"the monitoring and evaluating of external opportunities and threats in light of a corporation’s strengths and weaknesses† (Wheelen, 2010). The primary components of the strategic management process are environmental scanning, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and evaluation and control. We will write a custom essay sample on Strategic Management Process Paper Mgt 498 or any similar topic only for you Order Now Environmental scanning is described to be â€Å" the monitoring, evaluating, and disseminating of information from the external and internal environments to key people within the corporation† (Wheelen, 2010). Environmental scanning is usually used to classify strategic influences that will control the future of the corporation. Strategy formulation is the act of developing long-term plans for the future of a corporation by using the corporation’s strengthens, and weaknesses, for the effective handling of environmental opportunities and threats. Strategy implementation is the putting in action of the strategies formulated by a corporation. Lastly, evaluation and control includes the monitoring of corporate activities and performance in order to compare the actual results, to the ones that are set as goals. Strategic management helps a company sustain long-term performance. For companies that do not practice strategic management, it is very hard to attain and to sustain long-term performance. Most companies when they have finally attained a high performance level will soon experience a decrease in their performance. Strategic management will help a company understand, and realize that the environment around them is constantly changing, and evolving. It also helps a company focus on the strategies that are important and beneficial, which altogether helps in building a better understanding of strategies in regards to the corporation. Transportation is known to be an essential tool when it comes to a business, but transportation companies such as British Airways is also corporation that uses strategic management to further its success. One strategy that is used by British Airways is the merging of other airlines into one. In 1935, airlines in Britain merged together and formed British Airways Ltd. and in 1974 other airlines were also combined and finally formed British Airways (Knight, 2008). The main point of merging was being able to access a larger market and establishing a means of long-term profitability. In regards to airlines, quality is a very important factor and it determines the success of an airline. New innovations, and changes are important factors in which British Airways demonstrated these factors by being the first airline to operate weather-beating auto landings, offer jet passenger services and fully-flat beds (Knight, 2008). Lastly, British Airways in 2005 decided to work with Cisco and Prime in order to improve communications, in which the system allows all voice and data communications onto a single network while reducing costs and improving productivity. In conclusion, strategic management is an important method when it comes to improving a corporation’s well being. When making decisions all factors need to be taken under consideration. By using British Airways as an example, this paper was able to fully explain and establish the method of strategic management. Reference Knight, B. (2008, March 25). Strategic management of British Airways Company. Retrieved from http://bizcovering. com/business/strategic-management-of-british-airways-company/4/ Wheelen, T. L. , Hunger, J. D. (2010). Concepts in strategic management and business policy: Achieving sustainability (12th ed. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall. How to cite Strategic Management Process Paper Mgt 498, Essay examples

F1 Grenades free essay sample

F1 fragmentation grenades Introduction World War two plays a major role in our conception of human history, because, unlike the senseless massacre of World War one, it stands for an ideological struggle between Good and Evil. This deadly and bloody war between the allies and the axis alliance lasted for six years. At the end of the war victory was claimed by the allied powers, which were: Britain, France, the U. S, the Soviet Union, China, Canada and Australia. Canada plays an important role to the successful victory of the allied power because of their strong support of combat using f1 -fragmentation grenades. Body A. First supporting idea (topic sentence): The f1 fragmentation grenades were very small but that was a great advantage to the user. I. It provided soldier with personal artillery they could carry in their pockets. II. When the grenade was thrown, it was visible to the enemies since it was so petite. We will write a custom essay sample on F1 Grenades or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page III. The grenade was small so it also had to be light weighted, which meant it could be thrown further than larger grenades. B. Second supporting idea (topic sentence): The f1 grenade was very small but it still was lethal as an artillery shell. I. The grenade held 60 grams of explosion which could do a lot of damage. II. If there were a group of enemy troops attacking together, the grenade could come into play because a gun can’t kill all the enemies at once, unless there was collateral damage but that even couldn’t give a guaranteed kill. III. The grenade can kill an enemy with one explosion is the enemy is in the direct vicinity, of the projectile when it detonates. C. Third supporting idea (topic sentence): The f1 grenade had an excellent design which gave very good advantages to the user. I. The exterior of the grenade was notched which prevented hands from slipping off the grenade when throwing it. II. There is safety ring on the grenade so that the striker lever is not triggered accidently. III. It has a steel exterior so it can facilitate fragmentation upon detonation. Conclusion The allied power was able to claim victory against the axis alliance because of their Canadian army’s powerful and impressing weapons which named them the premier fighters of the war. The f1- fragmentation grenade should be displayed to the public in the Canadian war museum; so that others can see what strategies did Canadians come up with when it comes to artillery weapons needed for war. .

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Purchasing Management and Departments †

Question: Discuss about the Purchasing Management and Departments. Answer: Introduction Purchasing management is one of the important departments within an organization, which is responsible for all types of purchasing activities that are needed to maintain infrastructure within the organization. It is the duty of the purchasing department of an organization to ensure that all the raw materials and goods that are needed for the operation of a business are being properly maintained with the help of proper supply chain. The overall cost and price of the product that are being sold by the organization are deceived by the policies of the purchasing department. The primary objective of the purchasing department is to ensure that good quality of products is being purchased by the organization at minimum amount of pricing. It is also essential to ensure that the organization have a proper relationship with all the suppliers. By maintaining proper data, it is possible for the purchasing department to keep record of all the relevant information related to business transaction. The current report will analyze the components of purchasing department within the Temasek Polytechnic of Singapore. This is one of the premium learning institutes of Singapore and the third of its kind in the nation. The education institute is mostly famous for its high level of infrastructure that is being offered to the students. The institute was established in the year 1990 only 30 hectare of plot, which offers all type of modern facilities that are needed for learning procedures. The institute currently has more than 15000 students and almost 1200 administrative staffs. It is essential for the purchasing department of the Polytechnic College to ensure proper policies are being implemented that can ensure smooth functioning of the organization. The current report will focus upon few of the primary elements related to purchasing department of the Temasek Polytechnic that includes criteria for supplier selection, application of ICT in purchasing operation and also the cost analysi s of purchasing department. Supplier Selection Criteria Sebtin et al., (2015), have mentioned about the importance of setting up for the purchasing goals, which can help to improve upon the cost effectiveness of the policies that have been implemented by an organization. The purchasing management goal for an education institute need to have all the policies that are needed to maintain high level of infrastructure for providing quality education service. In case of Temasek Polytechnic, it is the duty of the purchasing managers to ensure that all the students and the administrative staffs are capable of dealing with the challenge related to the providing of high quality of education service. It is important to develop effective purchasing policies, which can help to ensure that only authorized suppliers can provide materials to the institute. It can also help to ensure that only genuine materials are being obtained for the operation of the institute. It is the duty of the purchasing officers to act as one of the responsible working staffs to establish effective relationship with that of the major supplier groups, which will ensure that all the working agents are able to get all types of products that are necessary for the functioning of the organization. Quality of the product is also one of the essential criteria, which needs to be insured by the purchasing manager. According to Adoment et al., (2014), proper selection of the suppliers is the initial primary challenge of the purchasing manager. In case of an education institute like Temasek Polytechnic, suppliers need to provide proper technological infrastructure, which is one of the essential part of providing high quality education. It is important to mention in the context that most of the education training plans of the Polytechnic College are made with the help of technology, which includes IT software development program. Hence, it is essential for the suppliers to provide the latest technological equipments that are needed in the process of providing education program. Pepper multimedia equipments and also required to provide presentation, which is regularly needed for all seminar programs that is a major part of the education plan (Mason Mason, 2016). Proper laboratory equipments are also few of the important requirements of the applied science and engineering department along with that of the IT education course. The purchasing manager of the university needs to implement proper criteria for the selection of the suppliers for laboratory equipments based on the cost and quality of the materials (Weele Raaij, 2014). The reliability upon the suppliers is also essential due to the fact that it can help the organization to ensure about the level of safety. One of the issues that may be faced by the purchasing manager of theTemasek Polytechnic is due to the fact that in their region they do not have enough choice of suppliers to select. Hence, in many cases, the Institute will have to depend upon Limited number of suppliers. The quality of the product is one of the important criteria, which will decide upon the quality of education service that have been provided by the institute. It is also important to select the criteria for commun ication with the suppliers. As it is important for the every organization to depend upon Effective mode of communication with the suppliers, it is important to select the supply chain depending upon the source of communication and the level of efficiency, which can help the organization festival, is healthy relationship with supplier group. Proper selection of the suppliers is one of the primary duties of the purchasing manager, which decides upon the infrastructure level and quality of service provided by the organization. ICT for Purchasing Operations Implication of the information and communication technology is one of the essential duties of purchasing department management that can help the organization to get proper information related to the supply chain from external environment. As per mentioned by Bernon Mena (2013), the applications of the ICT tools is an essential component to monitor the performance of supply chain management. It is possible to maintain proper documentation with the help of the process of communication technology that can be used by the purchasing department in an organization for future references. Birou et al., (2016), have added in this context that Application of ICT tools is one of the important part of dealing with Procurement of the resources for an organization that can be used in future during the time of crisis. The use of information communication technology is an essential part of all types of education degree programs, which and help ensure that the latest mode of multimedia Technology are being applied in all types of degree courses. This can not only that at the level of understanding of the learners but can also help to deal with the challenges related to the complex level of understanding but can also help in the matters related to the challenges within the process of communication. The uses and information Technology is essential due to the fact that it can help to deal with the overall planning process of the purchasing department. The application of information communication technology is one of the essential parts of the globalization, which can help an organization to collect all relevant information from the external business environment Perez (2017). Hence, it is possible for the organization to collect information about the demand of the products that are needed for managing their operational activities. Future planning process can also be implemented with the help of the information that are gathered from ICT. The process for procurement management can be achieved with the help of detail relevant information that is needed as a part of maintaining high level infrastructure within an organization. The supply chain management procedures in an organization can help in the process of coordinating all complex activities that can help to secure all types of requirements within an institute. The Information Technology plays a significant part in implementing purchasing practice for education institutes Temasek Polytechnic. As per the work of Kanapathy et al., (2016), the investment that is made in the purchasing activities of the department, can help to focus upon the challenges that are encountered by the purchasing department. Images of securing infrastructure for an education institute, it is essential to have effective system of information communication technology, which is needed to deal with the challenge related to lack of coordination within the departments of the organization. It is with the help of effective communication technology, which can enable for purchasing manager to get proper information related to the issues and shortages of resources that are encountered by the administrative working staffs and students. Hence, one of the basic fundamentals of maintaining high level of infrastructure with an education institute can be achieved with the help of securing the infrastructure for ICT. Purchasing cost Analysis According to Wengang and Suicheng (2015), one of the important duties of the purchasing department of an organization is to secure the matters related to cost estimation. The cost of the purchasing department can vary depending upon the operational activities that are being conducted within an organization. With application of proper tools, it is possible to calculate about the overall expenditure that is a part of the education institute infrastructure. As Polytechnic College is not only profit making organization, it is important to ensure that the cost of the purchasing department has to be calculated not only based on the profit margin, it also has consider the activities related to providing high quality education service to the society. Hence, it is essential for the purchasing managers not to lower the cost of the purchasing that can compromise upon the quality of education service provided by the institute. The use of the cost calculating tools is effective due to the fact that it can not only help to deal with the matters related to functioning and current expenditure but can also help to predict the future cost that organization need to spend to maintain sustainability. The software of the accounting tools and account management can be used in this context to get the detailed statistical information about the overall expenditure of the organization. This is one of the major parts of the activities that can lead to deal in the sustainable development. In most of the organizations, the purchasing manager use the tool of average cost, which is one of the essential component that can help to predict the overall cost of the company's infrastructural expenditure. There are various components which are involved in the purchasing management for maintaining infrastructure within the Temasek Polytechnic. It is the duty of the purchasing manager of the institute to divide the various components of the infrastructure, which can help on to decide the overall expenditure. The cost of purchasing can vary depending upon the type of education that is provided in each of the department. For example, the cost of purchasing products in the social science department is much less compared to that of the applied science department due to the fact that in the later case, high level of infrastructure is needed to set up the laboratory equipments. Hence, it is the duty of the purchasing manager to have separate expenditure list depending upon the requirements of each of the department within the education institute. It is also their duty to ensure that cost of the purchasing department is calculated by not compromising on the overall quality of the Purchased products and thereby be able to maintain high level of education service quality (Zhao et al., 2016). Conclusion In the concluding note, it can be said that the activities related to the purchasing department is one of the essential component of operational activities within an organization. For a reputed education institute like Temasek Polytechnic, it is essential to monitor the activities of the purchasing department, which will ensure that proper infrastructure is maintained within the institute that can help to provide quality education service to the society. Proper selection of suppliers is one of the essential duties of the purchasing department. It is also important to implement proper Information Communication Technology, which is needed for the stakeholders within the organization to communicate about the matters related to product purchasing. Finally, it is also essential to estimate the overall cost of purchasing product, which is needed to maintain sustainability within the organization. References Wengang, Y., Suicheng, L. (2015). Purchasing Efficacy: Alignment between Purchasing Practice Configurations and Purchasing Competitive Priorities. Journal of Management, 4, 012. Zhao, C., Xu, G., Tian, Y., Ren, W., Lv, C., Yin, B., Liang, T. (2016, July). A purchasing management strategy model about grading and classifying railway materials based on material grouping. In Logistics, Informatics and Service Sciences (LISS), 2016 International Conference on (pp. 1-5). IEEE. Kanapathy, K., Yee, G. W., Zailani, S., Aghapour, A. H. (2016). 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